Tourna Fill & Drill Tennis Trainer

Practice has never been easier. The Unique Fill & Drill tennis trainer includes a solid base that stays in place when filled with water. The elastic cord winds around the base, and the ball locks into the base pocket. The trainer is a great teaching tool for beginners and intermediate tennis players.

Tourna Premium Polyester 16g, Reel, Tennis String

Tourna Premium Poly 16g is an extremely durable polyester string coated to enhance playability.

Tourna Tennis Ball Tote (50 Balls)

Pressureless tennis balls never go dead. Ideal for practice and tennis ball throwing machines. The bounce is true and always the same. Made with real felt.

Tourna Green Dot Tennis Balls (50-Pack)

The Green Dot Ball has 25% reduced speed than a standard tennis ball. Made to ITF Stage 1 specifications.

Tourna Grip Original XL 3-Pack

The Tourna GripĀ® XL Blue Grip from Unique is the original overgrip used by professionals including Pete Sampras. It’s the only overgrip that performs when wet.

Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener

Pete Sampras “O” vibration dampener is one of the most used dampener of all time. A simple O fits between your strings with minimal air resistance.

Tourna Restore Tennis Ball Pressurizer

Tennis ball pressurizer keeps balls fresh. Restore maintains balls at their original pressure of 14psi, stopping natural leakage that occurs through rubber during storage in unpressurized cans. Restore will also re-pressurize balls for extended play. Twist down top seals and compresses air in.

Tourna Pocket Pro Tennis Ball Waist Clip Holder

Ball Pocket clips to your waistband, holds the ball securely.

Tourna Sampras Edition Tennis Trainer

The Tennis Trainer has a concrete base and a strong rubber cord returns the ball. Great for beginners and intermediate players to help groove their strokes. Just place it on the ground and start hitting.

Tourna Low Compression Quickstart Tennis Balls for 36-Feet Court (Pack of 12)

75% Reduced bounce Quickstart tennis balls enable learning and skill building. 15% Larger than a standard tennis ball. Designed for use on a 36 foot court. Red / Yellow felt balls. 12 per pack.

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