The “ServeMaster” is the revolutionary patented serve development device that will enable you to get a world class serve. It is the only Immersive Training device that allows your body being the most natural controller to discover & transform your biomechanical movement for the optimum serve construction and delivery.

The ServeMaster gives every player a true understanding, and a real feel of the sequence of movements in the kinetic chain for the serve and allows players to experience in real time what the entire motion feels like AKA Immersive learning. The secret to the serve is to link the movement segments together so that they work together as a chain or linkage system. This functional movement in the tennis serve is the key to power, spin and control through rhythmic movement and timing.

Whether you are beginner, starting to learn to serve, an advanced player looking to get more power, spin & control in your serve or an up and coming pro looking to take your serve speed to 125+ MPH ServeMaster is for you.

The Total Serve ServeMaster Tennis Training Tool

The Total ServeĀ® is a unique new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering tennis serve and overhead techniques. There are many styles of hitting and teaching the serve but there are also a number of components that ALL serves must have. Without a doubt, all tennis players want POWER, SPIN, ACCURACY & CONTROL. The Total ServeĀ® teaches players of all levels what the serve should FEEL like. Only after a tennis player learns what the tennis serve should feel like can they address the individual components, and make their tennis serve a fluid, powerful and effortless weapon.

Total Serve 1002 ServeMaster LTE 2 Ball Tennis Training Tool

ServeMaster LTE 25 12 oz is ideal for women children and those who need confidence building when learning how to serve It is the perfect weight and length to enable most players to learn experience and practice what the tennis serve throwing motion should FEEL like It allows you to take the ball out of the motion break down each step and movement of the serve to improve each aspectFeatures. Grip conquer the uncomfortable feeling of the Continental grip. Toss with more accuracy as a result of making the movement an integral part of the service motion. Weight load learn to get power from your legs. Drop the racket relax and let the racket do the work for you. Accelerate and pronate allow the flexibility and weight of the tool allow to create speed and wrist action. Contact Point repeatedly secure your power point. Decelerate and finish learn to slam to a close for maximum power

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