US Games 2-3/4in Foam Tennis Trainer

The Foam Tennis Trainer is slower than regular tennis balls to allow for a tactically based game. These balls are slightly larger than real tennis balls, making them easier to track and hit.

Ikea Net for Ball/racket Games with Two Balls

Perfect for new beginners this net comes with 2 of Ikea’s tennis balls which are made from Natural rubber, 100 % polyester. The balls are softer, slightly bigger and easier to handle than a regular tennis ball.

Tennis For Kids: Over 150 Games to Teach Children the Sport of a Lifetime

Tennis For Kids: Over 150 Games to Teach Children the Sport of a Lifetime

Is Tennis Camp a Wise Investment?

If your child is training to be the next great tennis player then you may be wondering if a few weeks at a tennis camp is a good idea. The plain facts of the matter are that each child is different. What is best for one child may not be best for another, but some […]

Improving Your Tennis Technique

One of the biggest problems that people have when learning how to play tennis is learning how to improve their technique. This can be done through practice and by learning what you are doing, but if you do not know what you are doing it can be very complicated to master the technique. If you […]

Improving Your Tennis Serve Made Easy

There are a few quick and simple steps that you can do that will help you to dramatically increase your tennis score. However it is important to actually practice the steps rather than just read them. If you take the time to practice these quick steps you will see an almost immediate improvement in your […]

Important Mind Control Techniques for Tennis

Unlike what I am sure you are thinking we are not going to set out to perform voodoo on our opponent, nor are we going to try to control them through some ancient form of telepathy. Rather the goal is to improve how you approach each game from a mental standpoint so that you can […]

Exercise Tips for Tennis

As you can imagine, tennis is a very strenuous sport that requires a lot of energy as well as a really good physical condition in order to play successfully. This does not mean that you need to be a professional athlete to play well though. Of course the professionals have a physical trainer to help […]

The Tennis Greats: Roger Federer

Roger Federer is widely heralded as the greatest tennis player of all time, earning the title from fellow professionals such as John McEnroe and Rafael Nadal. When one examines Federer’s incredible run of success as a player, it is hard to disagree.  Federer holds the world record for the number of Grand Slam victories; at […]

The Tennis Greats: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player, who has consistently ranked within the top two in the world. Nadal was born in Mallorca (an island just off the Spanish mainland) in June 1986. He played both tennis and football as a child, but chose to specialize in tennis when he reached the age of 11. […]

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