New Balance Men’s Approach Shorts

We’ve put a little top spin on our Approach Short. The result? A short that has everything, from a lightweight four-way stretch fabric with Lightning Dry wicking technology to a mesh gusset for breathability to a built-in seamless brief for support. This short’s got all the bling.

Tennis Fitness for the Love of it: A Mindful Approach to Fitness for Injury-free Tennis

Every tennis player at any age and skill level wants to play high-level tennis without pains and injuries. If you strive for improvement but cannot train as hard as you wish to, because you hurt often, this is a book for you. You will find practical advice on how to adjust your training to the requirements of your body, and how to achieve maximum tennis fitness that will improve your performance and your tennis game. 

You will learn how to:
  • listen to your body
  • understand what your body is telling you
  • strengthen your weaknesses
  • balance your strengths
  • discover and correct your imbalances
  • prevent future injuries
  • improve your tennis performance through mindful fitness

Keep the Ball In: An Unconventional Approach to Winning in Tennis

How to Win More Tennis Singles Matches, For Intermediate Tennis Players, not by changing or correcting how you hit a tennis ball, but by modifying what you think when in a match, how to go about thinking those thoughts, and when to think them. In other words, your thoughts alone, on how you view the match, and how you see your place in it, by modifying them slightly, can improve overnight the way you can win more tennis singles matches, with the strokes and shots you already have. Revised and re-formatted, January 2013.

“Mental toughness is as important to winning tennis than the pure physicality of the game and this book is one of the best I’ve read that focuses on that. To be sure, there are some unique and somewhat unconventional ideas here on how to approach the game. As a head tennis coach for a winning college tennis program, I’ve seen the ideas Richard Schofield espouses in his book put into practice, and I can vouch for their effectiveness. Clearly, there are tons of tennis books that attempt to teach players techniques for better stroke production, but that’s only part of the game. This is clearly not that type of book. Schofield’s book instead focuses on how to win more matches and win them immediately with the tools and ability players already have in their arsenal. His advice does work. If you are an intermediate 3.5 or 4.0 player, I strongly recommend you add this book to your library and read it to see immediate results in your game and match scores.” – Bill Eydler, King’s College Director of Tennis Operations / Head Men’s Tennis Coach, Certified USNTA Pro #E70239.

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