Gamma Hi-Rise Gold 75 Tennis Ball Hopper

The Gamma® professional grade Ballhopper® Hi-Rise Gold™ 75 boasts a unique hexagonal basket shape constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel wires with reinforced side welds for added strength and rigidity. A durable Gold polyester coating on the basket and handles offers added protection, and the “floating” wires at the ball openings help make ball entry easier.

Gamma Ballhopper Whopper 140, Silver

The Ballhopper Whopper 140 features a heavy-duty construction, strengthened weld design, Diamond Clad weather resistant coating, and unique wear bumpers for durability. Convenient handles make for easy pick-up and flip over to stand the basket at fingertip height. The attached lid prevents spilling. Capacity : 140 Balls Color : Silver

Tennis Net – 3.5mm Double Top *Highest/Best Grade of Tennis Net Available* [Net World Sports]

This is our top of the range tennis net. Please view photos which will illustrate the quality of net you will receive. You will receive exactly the same net as in the pictures. Our tennis nets have the highest and most dense fibre content. If you hold the body of the net up to the sunlight, none to very little sunlight will pass through the twine – try this on competitors tennis nets and its usually not the case. The upshot is our tennis nets weigh more than our competitors – because we put more materials in when we make them!
This tennis net will fit 42′ doubles courts which is the standard tennis court width.
We can promise you will be impressed with this net.

Gamma Ballhopper Ball Mower 350, Black

The GAMMA Ballhopper Ball Mower 350 gathers up to 350 balls in minutes. Gathering arms spread 47” wide for maximum coverage and fold with the push of a button to 22″ wide for easy maneuvering and storage. The Ballhopper Ball Mower’s light-weight aircraft aluminum frame is coated with chip-resistant polyurethane. Color : Black with Chrome Basket

Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine (21x14x 20- Inch)

If your focus is having fun and improving your tennis game with an affordable battery-operated tennis ball machine, the Elite One is the perfect choice! Enjoy playing against such advanced features such as full corner-to-corner random oscillation to help you work on your forehands and backhands, up to 60 degree lobs to practice your overheads – a feature not available on any other ball machine, speeds of up to 80 miles per hour to improve your reaction time, and heavy top and back spin choices to perfect your ability to return whatever comes your way.Elevation: electronic0-60 degrees Weight: 42 lbs. Spin: top, back Remote: optional Fast charger: optional Warranty: 2 yearsOptional Accessories Available: 2-Function Wireless Remote Control 1 -Amp Fast Charger 3-Amp Premium Fast Charger Storage Cover External Battery Pack

Edwards Polyester Center Strap for Tennis Nets

Materials: 100% Polyester Webbing. Hardware Included: Metal Hook.

Rol Dri Master Sponge Roller

The Rol-Dri Master Sponge Roller is made from tough, durable polyvinyl alcohol. This remarkable seamless roller will outperform any other roller. The non-deteriorating foam is molded directly onto the roller core for a seamless fit to ensure rapid, streakless drying. It is completely interchangeable with all Rol-Dri and Clean Sweep units.

Gamma Ez Dri Plus Unit, Silver/Blue

The GAMMA EZ Dri Plus Complete features an all-steel handle and frame, the most durable in the industry. The reinforced frame and end fittings eliminate wobble for easy operation and quick water removal. The 54-inch powder coated handle features a hang hook for easy storage and drying. The EZ Dri II roller is 5/8-inch thick, 36-inch wide Polyvinylaldehyde seamless foam roller with a PVC core. This is the most durable roller material on the market. Handle: 54-inches long, powder coated Roller: 5/8-inch thick Polyvinylaldehyde, 36 inches wide

Macgregor Center Straps

Maintaining your courts is an important of coaching — you want to set a good example for your players. Youll want to use Macgregor® Center Straps to keep your tennis net at the exact correct height. Durable nylon strap with synthetic nylon webbing attaches to net (hardware included). Your players practice nearly everyday. Also, you host tournaments. Make sure each of the nets on your courts is equipped with Macgregor Center Straps.

Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

The Rookie is a compact ball machine that is great for beginners. It is the only unique single wheel that works well for the quickstart program. The machine is for beginners and youth. Top speed is 30 and distance approx. 50 ft.

Plus it is fun and can be used on the courts or at home!

Ball speeds range from a soft 10-foot toss to a 28-mph.

Depending on which court and ball, the Quickstart Rookie adjusts as well.

On the 36′ court with the stage 3 felt ball – the Quickstart Rookie shoots it out at a top speed of 18-20 mph from baseline to baseline. If you desire to delivery the ball from baseline to serviceline, just notch the ball speed down and the little future pros will have a ball!

Weighing just 22 lbs, the Rookie is the lightest ball machine available. The rechargeable battery allows for up to five hours of continuous play time. With an aluminum outer shell and urethane pitching wheel, the Rookie is ready for years of use. All internal components are made from high-grade aluminum or steel.

*Ten-second ball feed delay on start-up ensures no wasted balls
*User friendly controls
*Smart charger prevents overcharging of the internal battery
*Built-in transport handle
*Soft toss at low ball speed settings is suitable for small children
*Manufactured and Assembled in the USA

Using the Rookie requires nothing more than positioning the machine on the tennis court, setting the ball speed and feed, and turning it on. The Rookie will kindly wait ten seconds before it starts throwing balls, allowing the user to get in position. The heavy-duty battery ensures that the user will wear out long before the ball machine does.

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