The Open Book: Celebrating 40 Years of America’s Grand Slam

A celebration of the sport of tennis and a spectacle of its most electrifying event, this book brings to life the historical moments, exciting highlights, and overall emotion of the US Open. From the early years of Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe to current players like Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, each of these household names have made their mark competing on the game’s biggest stage. The pages are filled with background information for each champion, interesting tidbits from their winning years, and highlights from the past four decades. The stunning photographs allow readers to feel the enthusiasm that surrounded each champion during their journey to victory, and the accompanying US Open Court of Champions DVD features video tributes to the 15 greatest singles champions in the history of the US Open with footage never made available before.

Novak Djokovic and the Rise of Serbia: The Sporting Statesman

A biography of one of the greatest living tennis players, and his relationship with his homeland of Serbia

Novak Djokovic is not just one of the world’s great tennis players, he is the de facto ambassador for his homeland, Serbia. Not an easy job, given the lingering resonance of Serbia’s role in the 1990s Yugoslav wars in the world’s news bulletins. To this day, the words “Serbia” and “atrocities” are linked in the minds of many. This study of both Djokovic and Serbia paints two powerful portraits. It traces the story of the boy from modest surroundings, telling how he met the woman who not only taught him tennis but how to deal with life as a high-profile icon, charts his battle with illness and his relationship with a volatile father, and how his on-court accomplishments have made his country proud. But it also tells the story of Serbia, pulling no punches about its role in the 1990s wars but offering a sensitive interpretation of the hopes and aspirations of a people with a troubled past. This book weaves together these sporting and geo political strands to present a sensitive portrait of a man and his people, and how determination married with sensitivity can create a sporting statesman.

The Tennis Book: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Tennis

Written by two of the game’s leading authorities, The Tennis Book is the definitive work on one of the world’s most exhilarating sports. Loaded with over 200 photographs, this comprehensive volume traces tennis from its aristocratic beginnings in the 1800s to the high-energy, all-action global sport of today. With profiles of court legends, insightful analysis of the greatest matches, and an in-depth look at the politics, controversies, and oddities of the game, The Tennis Book serves up an unmatched collection of aces.

Mental Toughness 101: The Tennis Player’s Guide To Being Mentally Tough

“Mentally Toughness 101” provides the answers to all the questions tennis players need to know about what it takes to achieve mental and emotional greatness on the tennis court.

You Cannot Be Serious

John McEnroe was just an eighteen-year-old amateur from Queens when he stunned the tennis world by making it to the Wimbledon semifinals in 1977. He turned pro the following year after winning the NCAA singles title; three years later, he was ranked number one in the world. McEnroe dominated tennis in the eighties, winning three Wimbledon and four U.S. Open titles. His 1980 Wimbledon final match with Bjorn Borg is considered by many tennis experts to be the best match ever.

You Cannot Be Serious is McEnroe at his most personal, a no-holds-barred examination of contemporary tennis, his championship seasons, his cantankerous on-court behavior, his marriage to Tatum O’Neal, his current roles as a devoted father, husband to pop star Patty Smyth, senior tennis tour player, and controversial television commentator, and much more.

Funny, biting, close to the bone, this is exactly the book you’d expect-and want-from one of the most colorful figures of our time.

Tennis Skills: The Player’s Guide

Like having a personal tennis pro on call for expert coaching.

Tennis Skills is an in-depth guide to improving a player’s game. It features a battery of lessons designed by tennis pros that lays down a solid foundation of stroke skills and game strategy. Clear instructions and annotated diagrams provide valuable coaching and corrective techniques — most valuable for any player.

Tom Sadzeck provides an abundance of visual features to help players of all levels improve their game. Six chapters cover the game’s key skill sets, from basic techniques to singles and doubles strategies. There are more than 40 drills that focus on target areas of form, strategy, coordination and footwork. Other specific instructions include:

  • Stroke-production exercises
  • Forehand, backhand, serve, volley, slice and other shots
  • A breakdown of each stroke to promote consistent form
  • Warm-up, grips, body position, footwork, targeting, follow-through
  • Court diagrams to help players visualize a stroke’s outcome
  • How to handle game pressure.

The book also features easy-to-follow sequential photographs, Master Stroke sidebars that give easy-to remember tips, Fault Finder boxes that point out common mistakes and Coach’s comments that share the wisdom of seasoned pros.

Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis–Lessons from a Master

The tennis classic from Olympic gold medalist and ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert, now featuring a new introduction with tips drawn from the strategies of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and more, to help you outthink and outplay your toughest opponents

A former Olympic medalist and now one of ESPN’s most respected analysts, Brad Gilbert shares his timeless tricks and tips, including “some real gems” (Tennis magazine) to help both recreational and professional players improve their game.

In the new introduction to this third edition, Gilbert uses his inside access to analyze current stars such as Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal, showing readers how to beat better players without playing better tennis.

Written with clarity and wit, this classic combat manual for the tennis court has become the bible of tennis instruction books for countless players worldwide.

Pain, Set and Match

The locker room is the epicenter of the ATP tour and Bill Norris lived in it for 35 years treating everyone from Rod Laver to Roger Federer. His knowledge and experience is unsurpassed and in this book Norris not only reveals insider stories of famous players he worked with in the Memoirs Section — revealing how he managed to stay friends with both Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe who basically hated each other –but, in the Pain Department, the book offers vital and detailed advice on how to prevent, as well as treat, injuries suffered on court. There are tips on what shoe to buy, when and what to eat, as well as what exercises to do. Athletes of every discipline can learn from a man who started his career as sports medicine trainer and therapist for the New York Knicks and the New York Mets organizations. Bill, who now looks after aspiring teenage players from the Chris Evert and Rick Macci Academies in Florida as well as aging enthusiasts, has important advice for parents and warns against too much time on court for developing bodies. And, in a special chapter, Norris tells for the first time the real story of the nandrolone/steroid scandal that erupted on the ATP tour. Were the electrolyte tablets the source of 40 players suddenly testing positive? The answer should provide a lesson for drug testers everywhere. And, if anyone is having shoulder problems, the final chapter is handed over to a Bill Norris protege, Todd Ellenbecker, who is now a leading expert on that vital part of a tennis player’s anatomy. If tennis is your game, or you just want to stay fit, Pain, Set & Match offers everything you need to know.


This collection of strange, hilarious and informative anecdotes “of Tennis, Teaching and Tots” was compiled by a writer with both teaching and tennis careers spanning decades. A keen observer of the odd and ridiculous experienced in the everyday, Maud Thorne was encouraged by friends and family to “write a book about it” – which is exactly what she has done! The result is this original and fascinating volume, bound to put a smile on the reader’s face. Besides being a treasure trove of tennis history – especially of the Border area of South Africa’s Eastern Cape province – this light-hearted book will appeal to all generations of tennis-players, teachers and pupils, as well as to anyone with a sense of humour. Experience of working for a local newspaper led Maud to accumulate gremlins from many sources. Combined with priceless classroom clangers from a long teaching career, “Dropshots” is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud! Illustrations include tennis memorabilia, photographs, and original drawings by Maud’s grandchildren, 7-year-old twins, Joel & Hannah Thorne.

Bollettieri: Changing the Game

Celebrated tennis coach Nick Bollettieri has led life with the intensity of a fifth set tiebraker. In this book he tells all, from his humble beginnings in a small town north of New York City to his triumphs on the center courts at Wimbledon, the French Open and the U.S. Open. Mincing no words, he discusses his ten world champions, including Andre Agassi, Jim Courier, Maria Sharapova, Boris Becker, Monica Seles, Serena Williams and more; his eight wives; and all the successes and failures in between. His advice based on five decades of dominance in spors training is inspirational and reaches far beyond the tennis court.

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